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Membership Update

Currently, we’re 126 dues pay members strong! Membership at PSC remains on the highest in the state among State and Community colleges and in the country, with 68% by-in from our entire faculty. This is a great statistic and shows we are a committed force in guaranteeing our fair say in negotiating our contract and protecting our rights and freedoms in the classroom.

And there’s still room to grow! If you are reading this, you are likely already a member of PSCfa and you under the benefits of being a member. But it’s likely you know someone who is not a member. A new faculty member, someone who needed to suspend their membership, someone who has never joined. Ask if they’re interested in joining and tell them why being a member is so important.

During Convocation in the Fall, we’re starting a campaign called “75% by 75.” We hope to have 75% of the faculty as dues-paying members by the 75th Anniversary of PSC. You’ll see more as we get closer. Membership drives, events, and prizes~ Our membership is already great, but as the teaching environment changes around the world and in the classroom, having a larger, united faculty ensures we receive the benefits, compensation, and rights to do what we do best.

13 members. 13 new members is all we need to have three-fourths of our faculty as dues paying members and as a united front for our rights. It is a strange time in 2020, but a united faculty with a singular vision to provide the best education to students while ensuring the best compensation and rights for faculty makes PSC a better place.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a member, visit our Membership page to download a copy of the membership application.

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